Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two of the best swings on tour

It's no coincidence that two of my favorite swing on tour have a lot in common. Both are powerful, simple, and consistent and feature a full, unfettered release of the right side. They also both play a long, straight ball flight.

Without further ado, Anthony Kim and Sean O'hair.

In O'hair's swing there's a slight looseness or overextension of the left shoulder at the top of the backswing, a trait shared by Sergio Garcia. It is this move that causes the slightly upright backswing and the small flattening of the plane in transition- much more exaggerated in Garcia's swing. From the looks of it, it seems like the result of an effort to keep the club as far away from their head as possible in order to create width.

It's visible at 0:51 of this video. Is it possible this left shoulder move helps create more of a delayed hit? It also seems like it might introduce some inconsistencies.

P.S. One swing I really like that's stayed under the radar is Tim Clark's. A birth defect and below average athleticism and size prevent him from being especially long, but there are few players I can think of that are more accurate (or aggressive) with a fairway wood in their hands. His simple repeating action deserves closer examination in the future.

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