Friday, May 1, 2009

Intro to yoonie's blog

I'm an aspiring professional (touring) golfer who's desperately looking for sponsorship.  My game is coming along well, and with the upcoming opportunity to put in the neccessary time I'm confident that the tour is in the cards for me.

The purpose of this blog is 3 fold- to keep track of my progress as I work on my game to bring it tour standards, to write about and refine my theories on the golf swing, and to occasionally talk about the other sports- football, futbol, basketball- I love so I have a digital record of my predictions (for better or worse).

Just for predictions I've made that I'm proud of- the vulnerability of the 16-0 patriots when forced to rely on the runing game which resulted in the inability to take of a giants defensive line that was focusing on Tom Brady, my belief that Dwyane Wade was going to be the best young player when I saw him as a rookie, and the effect of Chauncey Billups on the Nuggets.  

My less proud predictions include believing that Carmelo was better than Lebron (after their rookie years), but I credit Lebron's transformation to his time with Kobe and Wade on the olympic team.  I also predicted were gonna lose just about every series in the playoffs- on the other hand, I predicted the weaknesses in the Laker's offensive trends.

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