Friday, May 1, 2009

Thoughts on the golf swing

I've recently made some revelations that I believe have allowed me to "complete" my swing changes.  Of course, for most (if you're not Hogan/Nelson/Watson) the swing is an ever evolving organism.

Key among these revelations is the value of the setup.  As a former archer, I equate the alignment and position of the spine/hips/shoulders to the alignment of the string and sight on the bow.  You must set up so that your backswing (drawing the bow) allows you to set the correct muscles to apply force through the ball.  Your athletic instincts will always play a major roles in attempting to allow you to hit the ball towards your target, but these instincts can cause you attempt to correct your impact conditions with rather inconsitent methods, like standing up through impact or flipping our hands.

The proper set up will allow you to simply bring the club away from the ball, coiling and transfering your weight instinctively, and then, before the backswing ends, transfer your weight to your forward foot while keeping the club in front of your body.  By the time the club actually begins to change direction, you should be able to hit as hard as you can with your right side. 

These two things are the keys- shifting your weight for power and slotting your arms (especially your right) in a manner than they can apply maximum force in a manner that directs the ball to the target.  My theories in the set up to follow.

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