Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dwight Howard Showing Signs

For what might be the first time I've ever seen, at 1:25 left in the first of Game 2 of the finals, Dwight Howard has made a good, quick, aggressive move to the basket going THROUGH the defender quickly before the help could arrive.

As I've discussed with my friend Leo, we agree that one of the biggest weaknesses in Dwight's offensive game was the inability to make a strong move to the basket without pausing to gather his feet. This was worryingly apparent in the Boston series, where Kendrick Perkin's bulk kept Dwight from being able to gather his feet the way he likes to. Even more worrisome, a picture on ESPN heading an article about the Finals showed Howard looking oddly diminutive against the Perkins-sized Andrew Bynum.

However, this move gives me hope. Perhaps he has turned a corner in his game. If so, I expect this series to go MUCH longer than the first game would indicate. While I was initially anticipating a 5 or 6 game series concluding in (yet another) a Laker Championship, I'm now thinking more of a 6 or 7 game series, with a possible Magic victory if Howard keeps displaying improved footwork.

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